Company objective: "the world leading men's fashion, is one of the pioneer and leading brands in the top five."

Company, the most powerful and essential items that will get the goal SUITMEN employees. Human resource policies and practices, the aim of the company was established in coordination..

SUITMEN'in For this purpose, short-and long-term business plans have been prepared and determined in accordance with the terms of reference, which takes SUITMEN'i future goal;

• Social responsibility, ecological, environmentally friendly, ethical rules-based
• continuous learning in order to reach the goal, efficient and tired of taking pleasure
• Information on doing business outcome oriented, numerical data registered its success
• Available in a touchstone for success as the ultimate goal of SUITMEN'in accepts, the important thing is to achieve continuous success and the goal of adopting the ideas that will dominate the
• Strategic management approach, there is awareness of institutionalism, process-based management may be a team player
• Target is open to change in order to achieve success, effective use of all available information and management techniques
• people of knowledge, but that the institution will never forget, and move this value of "corporate knowledge" have been made to prepare the supply of human resources.


• Team spirit and solidarity to focus on corporate success,
• Creativity and innovation
• Self-confidence have a dynamic, efficient and productive form of skilled labor,
• keep employees motivated,
• Internal and external customer satisfaction, sensitivity,
• Social sensitivity, reliability and honesty,
• comply with laws and regulations,

Our products;

• The best trend
• The best quality
• The best service
• sustain the best price.


• High quality
• attention to details,
• Superior service concept
• Sales friendship that begins with
• Continuous communication
• ensure continuity.

Performance Evaluation

SUITMEN'de, determined in accordance with company goals of performance evaluation system consisting of 12 criteria are available. Performance evaluation system applied to all company employees twice a year. The necessary training and development activities in line with the results obtained with the coordination of the Human Resources DirektörlüÄ?ümüzün formed.

Thus, employees' personal objectives with the objectives of SUITMEN where the integration is ensured and that the annual targets are determined.

Career Planning

In line with developments in organizational structure and facilities managers and management trainees SUITMEN'i future goals that will carry both the performance appraisal system, and continuously monitored by senior managers, backed up by their position at the end of the training It is noticeable, and with senior managers and Human Resources Directorate All of these studies are evaluating the promotions and appointments.


SUITMEN the best way to evaluate the performance of current and potential employees, Human Resources Director and in accordance with the results of training needs analysis conducted by departmental managers, both in-house to arrange external training. The most important data source, trainings, training needs analysis, performance evaluation and career planning done according to the results of the training needs and the need for the backup they need to take their positions trainings.


Prepared for all employees within the retail SUITMEN special education.

At the end of the training process was successfully completed with the aim ACADEMY SUITMEN with positive energy, sales team captain can make a difference, the customer is able to render timely and complete understanding, and lifestyle retailing self-employed workers to gain the chosen depending on the institution.

Training content includes theoretical instruction and practical training. The most important building block system of education promoted by SUITMENAKADEMÄ° create our stores.

Selection - Placement

SUITMEN'de established competency-based recruitment process. Job descriptions of all positions are created and revised according to the needs. In addition, candidates should have minimum qualifications for each position has been determined. Our goal is in line with the human resources policy and common values, reaching the right candidates that will get SUITMEN'i future goals is to create employment.


Our premises in the center or in our stores "Job Application Form" and fill in the form or insankaynaklari@suitmen.com to send your resume.